Thursday, August 14, 2008

Better late than never, right?

So I realize my first attempts at blogging were rather sad. It reminds me of my childhood diary(ies - yes it happened several times). They would always read:

January 1
HELLO DIARY! I am so excited and will write in you every single day. That is my New Year's Resolution! blah blah balh I love boys blah blah blah.....

January 2 - December 31

It's like something off of a FRIENDS episode (which is fitting, if you know me and my obsession with the long-lost world of Rachel and Monica and Phoebe and the boys...)

But anyway, I thought that with this blog, I'll keep it short and sweet. Since I last updated in January, I've started working part-time as a librarian in the Reference and Adult Services Dept at the Emmet O'Neal Library in Mountain Brook. (Yeah...I'm such a Brookie.... right.) I go to work, loving my job, every single day. Great folks there. And I lurve my co-workers. It's great to feel like I'm finally taking the right path.

Everything has been crazy, per the usual, with traveling and weddings and just general tom-foolery (I've always loved that word) with my BFFs at the hiz. I'm looking forward to the fall, but a part of me is scared because:

1 - The moneys are running low, and the threat of paying off student loans, buying a new car, and being a big girl are looming ever-so near.

2 - I might have to move if I can't get a job in Bham. Which is part exciting (we all know I've had some wanderlust in me and wild oats to sow, and it just ain't happenin' in Bham)... but part heart-breaking because I have so many people here who I love more than anything. You know who you are. So there's that.

Ok back to work. Peace out. My homies.

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