Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bucket List

Well, here's some sad news that has left me pondering:

Dave Freeman, author of the book 100 Things to Do Before You Die died last week at the age of 47 after hitting his head in a fall at his home. The article I referenced above has lots of neat details about the book, but it also mentions that he accomplished about half of what was on his list before his death.

So it's not surprising that this has me thinking about my own Bucket List. I've already accomplished a few things, which I'll mention, and I guess it comes as no surprise since I've apparently tried to "live like I'm dying" since the age of 16... according to my parents. I always tell them that I'd rather have spent that $100 white water rafting than it be sitting in my bank... if I die tomorrow. I realize that this kind of thinking has you financial-thinking folks in a sweat... but not me!

So without further ado.... 20 things on My Bucket List:
  1. Get a Master's Degree. (CHECK). Now onto PhD or at least second Masters.

  2. Go to Europe (all over it) to see firsthand all the art and architecture I studied in my art history courses.

  3. Read the Bible. As in, the whole thing.

  4. Read several other substantial (ie freaking huge) works: Lord of the Rings, War and Peace, The Count of Monte Cristo... the list goes on.

  5. See the Pyramids in Egypt.

  6. Spend a day in the Smithsonian and the Museum of Natural History... all by myself.

  7. See U2 and Damien Rice in concert (already checked off Ryan Adams, Elton John, The Killers, and soon Coldplay from that list).

  8. Go sky-diving. And bungee jumping.

  9. Get a tattoo. Not sure yet of what or where it will go...

  10. White Water Raft the Gauley River in West Virginia.

  11. See all the domestic sites... we're talking the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Vermont during the fall...

  12. Live in a thriving metropolis like NYC or Chicago, sans vehicle, for at least a year. Preferably before there is any mention of babies or the like.

  13. Do some Mission Work somewhere like Venezuela.

  14. Become more proficient in Spanish (perhaps through some mission work?) and also another language.

  15. Learn to be less awkward with children. Preferably before I have any of my own.

  16. Become informed enough about political issues to hold my own in a debate with Rebecca or Liz.

  17. Write and publish something. Anything. I'm thinking a memoir, but only if things get a little more interesting. But possibly a YA novel. Or maybe I'll be inspired by this research class and write some non-fiction. That could be neat. Or maybe I'll get in cahoots with one of my musician buddies and write a song. Even better.

  18. Make some babies and show them the world and all the awesome people in it. Preferably with someone hopelessly beautiful. And who I am married to and am in love with. Is that too much to ask?

  19. Drive the Blue Ridge Parkway. Ok, so I want to be RIDING because, well, trust me - no one will want to ride in that car. Ryan isn't allowed to drive either.

  20. Master Rock Band and Guitar Hero so I can impress my sister. Ok, so that's not really one, but I'm tired and I wanted to round out my 20. :)

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Brooke said...

I love the list you have made. I will do Europe and the mission trip with you!!!