Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Cozy Library

Want to curl up at Grandma's and read something "cozy" later? Boooooorrrrinnng.

I came across this site while perusing other blogs today, and it has made me laugh to no end. The "Cozy Library," which recommends books described as: one chocked-full of kind-hearted characters, with a terrific story masterfully told, and a satisfying – and generally happy -- ending. No explicit sex or violence, no wall-to-wall profanity.

Hmmmm. Not exactly my kind of book. I especially love the lady on the "Departments" page.

So if you fancy something "comfy," don't ask me for recommendations and just go to this site. With the reading moods I've been in lately, I'll be of no help at all! (But if you want something angsty, or vampirey, or chock-full of dirty words... I'm your gal.)

Happy reading til next time.

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