Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Singles, Psychos, and Crazies... oh my!

Some News of the Weird I have come across recently:

This week (Sept. 21-27) is National Singles Week! Who knew?
So to celebrate National Singles Week, as a single person, I will be walking down the aisle as a bridesmaid in my friend Mariel's wedding this Saturday in San Antonio. As the only single person in the wedding party, actually. And you know what? I'm quite looking forward to my first time traveling alone and exploring a city all by myself.

American Psycho is being made into a ... wait for it.... BROADWAY MUSICAL!
Surely Phil Collins will make a cameo and sing "Sussidio" for all the freaks (ahem, nice people of New York) who would go see such a thing. Ok, I'll admit it. I would totally be there.

Amy Winehouse is actually my age and makes me feel better about myself.
Check out this collage of celebrities who are the big 2-5 like Amy and me. Scary, huh?


Natalie said...

ugh, amy is super fug. also, who is that in the top middle pic. it looks like an attractive alanis, but alanis is old nowsadays so i know that's not her.

Lauren said...

Natalie! That is the guh from Mean Girls! The little one. Yeah?