Wednesday, September 10, 2008

HBO deemed disturbing and seedy... surprise, surprise!

First, let me preface this by saying that I'm having the hardest time making myself read anything that I can't finish in one or two sittings. Yes, I'm serious. After taking YA Lit in the spring, for which I read nearly 40 books in four or so months, and then Kiddie Lit this summer (we're talking >50 in two months)... I just can't pick up anything "serious" or long. It's pitiful. Lately, I've been on a vampire kick following Breaking Dawn's release (don't even get me started on my beloved Twilight series). I read the first of Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse mysteries, which HBO has recently adapted into a new, very disturbing and seedy series. Suffice it to say: they took some liberties and sweet ole Charlaine is probably having a hissy fit over in Arkansas. A short synopsis: Sookie is a clairvoyant waitress at a small-town Louisiana watering hole in a modern world where vampires roam freely thanks to the invention of synthetic blood, now sold in gas stations and restaurants. She is modest, but intelligent and witty, and she finds that she can't read the mind of Bill the Vampire, with whom she eventually falls in love (did you see it coming?). There's a murder mystery and there are bad vampires and all that jazz. So HBO's TrueBlood takes this and turns it into this romp-fest with nekkid (and very graphic) scenes every ten minutes, and everyone drops the F-bomb and says GD, including Bill, while sweet ole Sookie says (in a TERRIBLE Southern accent, "Yaaallll... yew know I hate when you yewse the Jay-wohrd." Seriously awful. But of course I'll keep watching. I'm no prude (I love me some Entourage - oh Ari and Vinnie), but this actually shocked me! I didn't know I was shockable anymore! Crazy.

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