Friday, October 3, 2008

I got tagged!

My hilarious coworker buddy Holley tagged me, which is why I have the fun little addition to my blog at your right. By being tagged, I am now supposed to tag a few of my favorite blogs. To be honest, I don't read many personal blogs, and some of the peoples' blogs I read are complete strangers, but they crack me up, so there you have it. And I'm probably breaking the rules by double-tagging folks, but I don't give a care. Get over yourself, blog world ruler man.

Anyway - here are a few I recommend:

  • Holley's House - As I said before, Holley is quite funny. Sometimes she vents about the library (I especially love her retelling of the now infamous domestic dispute we had in our stacks - I froze when she was yelling at me to dial 911 - and her adventures in shushing our unruly teenagers). And she also has lots of other witty things to say about the world around us. Plus she shares my love for funny cats.

  • The Burrow - Katie, my ultra-cool and crafty boss, has a blog where she rambles about everything from crafting to books, and occasionally calls out her husband for not leaving enough comments. She has three mini-me daughters under the age of 6 who are always into some kind of trouble or saying hilarious things, and she loves to document.

  • The Maddox Family - I grew up with the writer of this blog (she's a year older than me), and we were both in the same sorority at Auburn. Now she is married to a fellow Dothanite with two beautiful daughters, and she (very eloquently, I might add) writes about their trials and tribulations, loves and losses. Some days I'm laughing at their adventures, and she's been known to bring me to tears at times as well. I highly recommend her blog if you're looking for inspiration!

  • The Company of Broken Books - So here's a dude I have yet to meet: my "replacement" at the bookstore where I worked before coming to the library. I kid about him replacing me because the guy actually has a graphic design degree and loads of experience, whereas I was just getting by with my designs. Regardless, he caught on much more quickly than most to some of the ridiculousness required as part of the job description at the store, and he keeps a blog about it.

  • Babbling About Life - I lurve Brookie's blog. She's an AU football nut, and if she didn't give it away by including details about tailgating decorations, you'd probably mistake her for one of her brothers. Well, by her writing at least. :)

  • Cake Wrecks - I came upon this blog randomly, and it is my new fave. Blogger Jen collects cake wrecks, cakes that have been ruined, or are just plain-out bad to begin with (most are submitted to her, but she apparently is part of the cake baking world and frequently finds them herself). I never knew that the art of cake decorating/baking could be so complicated or so funny when screwed up. I think I'm going to submit Nat's birthday cake to it. Which I'll post later.

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excellent choices all!