Friday, October 10, 2008

Johnny Cash shares his America... with Snoop?

Some of you may know that I looooove Johnny and June Carter Cash. I grew up listening to the vinyls, and there's just something about that deep voice that makes me wish I knew him in all of his reckless crazy abandon days. (And if he actually looked more like Joaguin Phoenix in the movie, I probably would have located a time machine by now.) Anyway, I digress. So there is a new Cash recording coming out soon, called I Am the Nation, in which "deep-voiced singer personifies the country with references to important events and people in American history."I know, right? But here, dear folks, is my favorite part from the article. Let's play a little game of "Do What?"

The documentary features interviews with Bob Dylan; Al Gore; Snoop Dogg; Sheryl Crow; Steve Earle; Kris Kristofferson; Loretta Lynn; Merle Haggard; U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander; Tim Robbins; Vince Gill; Cash; his sister, Joanne; and his children, John Carter Cash and Cindy Cash.
I must say I'm DYING to hear what ole Snoop has to say!

Also, apparently this is all part of a CD/DVD package deal coming out later in October. This will be added to the Christmas List ASAP!

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