Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Worst and Most Irrational Fear COMES TRUE

My biggest fears in life are completely irrational. My parents constantly tell me I'm naive to wander city streets and not fear moving by myself to somewhere like New York or New Orleans (well, I'm not fearful for my personal safety). I'm not a complete idiot - I lock my doors and do'nt talk to strangers - but it's not something I focus on. But at 26 years old, I am terrified of ghosts and have just in the past few years been able to sleep without a nightlight. I kid you not. My biggest fear, however, are oversized catfish. Yes, I said catfish. Would you look at these things? Seriously Yuck.

I grew up swimming in lakes and rivers, especially at Lake Eufaula in SE Alabama, and they found these things in the mud just a few hundred feet from the area where we had a place. These things can EAT ME. And ever since I saw the pictures (the most menacing of these creatures are found in a river in Thailand, but I digress...), I haven't set foot in murky water. People laugh and laugh and tell me a catfish would never eat me, and I was content with that, until Liz sent me THIS. FLESH-EATING MUTANT CATFISH.
Yes, in India. But still... how many people see their most irrational and worst nightmares realized? I'm getting nauseated just thinking about swimming in that water.

Oh my toesies!

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