Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hello people. So so sorry for my hiatus. I have no (good) excuse for my absence, and to make up for it, here are 10 important happenings of the past four months...

  1. On December 15, I officially became a graduate of the University of Alabama. That's right, I received my Master of Library and Information Studies, only to step into the job market during the worst financial crisis of my lifetime. I'm currently looking for full-time jobs everywhere from Dothan to Nashville to Atlanta and back. But on the bright side, obtaining a Masters degree was always on my lifetime goal list, and now I have one more thing checked off. And in the meantime, I LOVE my job and only dislike the fact that it's part-time.

  2. After spending a week in Texas (which is a long story in itself), I fully realized quite a few things. First, that I miss my friends and family terribly (especially my BFF roommates) when I am gone for too long. Second, that I DEFINITELY don't want to move anywhere that isn't a day's drive from home or Birmingham. In other words, though I haven't been cured of my wanderlust, I have indeed been cured of any wantings to go too far away.

    (I also learned some valuable lessons about relationships with boys and such, but this blog is mostly for laughs and randomness, and I won't overdivulge.)

  3. I had the privilege and honor to serve as a bridesmaid in my friend Robyn's wedding. Robyn was my college roommate, as well as a friend from high school. The wedding took place in Auburn on A-Day, so needless to say, it was busy and VERY War Eagle. It made me happy. Here are a few pics:

    Former Batcave Roommates

    Lauren and Lizzie - Roommates for 8 Years Now

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ahlquist

  4. Rebecca sent me this article, which scared the bejeezus out of me, and I decided to set some major health goals. I am vowing to you, dear Internets (and to my BFFs, who will keep me in check), that by my 28th birthday, I will be in good shape, at a healthy weight, and off of any medication for high blood sugar. This gives me roughly 18 months. I WILL do it. This time. I hope. Probably. If you see me eating cake, slap me.

  5. In keeping with this, I started the Couch to 5K program for the second time. The first time was a failure thanks to an upper respiratory infection that got me in Week 3. This time I'm using podcasts made by Robert Ullrey, and I'm finding them to be extremely effective. I loathe running, but I'm absolutely forcing myself to continue and follow through with the hopes that maybe, just maybe, it'll get easier, and I'll actually enjoy it one day.

  6. I chopped my hair off. Yes, again. My Grandma is going to have a heart attack. Here's a pic. Not sure you can really tell because of the dark background, but my earrings are longer than my hair (and you should see it curly!). That's Laura Mac with me, out at Oasis one night.

  7. On a single day, I met one of my heroes (literary and otherwise) and also found out that I will be able to see a concert I never thought possible. If you know me at all, you know this is HUGE and deserves its own blog post (coming soon).

  8. I finally got around to watching my FRIENDS series box set. This has become a late-night addiction that is cutting into my sleep and simultaneously driving Rebecca insane.

  9. I've started waitressing, which believe it or not, is actually something I've always wanted to try out. I'm still relatively new, but I think I'm pretty good at it. My feet and back are often tired, but it's rewarding work, and I'm enjoying it. And also my pants are a bit snug from overindulging on Italian food. But it's YUM. Come see me at Mafiaoza's in Crestline!

  10. I actually went three months without reading a single book. Can you believe it? I've been a very very bad librarian! But I'm BACK, and there will be book reviews to come.

And that, my friends, is 2009 so far in a nutshell. Thanks for sticking with me.


RRB said...

Yay!!! You're back. :)

Holley T said...

Glad you're back! I'm going to start harassing you from now on :-)