Friday, June 5, 2009

Evermore by Alyson Noel

So it's come as no surprise that there are now an unheard of amount of teen series in the vampire/paranormal romance genre, with authors attempting to quench the post-Twilight thirst of teenyboppers and adults alike. Day after day I'm asked for recommendations, and I've heard of many of the series, but had yet to pick any up. So for the sake of our patrons, and for all of you, and since I'm SUCH a fantastic YA-librarian-in-training, I decided to read a few so that I can make recommendations (or not) based on actually having read the books....

Evermore by Alyson Noel

This is the first book in the "Immortals" series, with its sequel (titled Blue Moon) due out in July. I wrote a review of this one for the library's Teen Blog, but of course since I WANT teens to want to read, I spun it a little more favorably and you can read that. I didn't NOT like it, but the snob in me wasn't so impressed with the writing or with obvious plot thievery from Twilight.

Basically, Ever is 16 when she survives an accident that kills her entire family, including her little sister Riley. But the thing is - she actually died with them. She followed them as they walked to the light, but just as they were about to cross over, she was distracted, lingered, and was brought back to Earth. Due to this near-death experience, she is now able to see peoples' auras and read minds. So she moves in with an aunt, goes to a new school, and changes from the peppy popular cheerleader to an unhappy loner type, wearing hoodies and an iPod at all times to drown out the thoughts and such. She has some friends, other outcasts, and she's adjusting. Then she meets Damen... and she can't see his aura... or read his mind. And he's gorgeous and smart and well-read and impossibly talented... and eerily fast and strong and (insert all sorts of Edward-comparisons here). So lots of stuff goes down. She finally figures out that he's not "normal," but he's actually not the vampire you think he's going to be (props to Noel for a bit of a twist). He's an Immortal. And so is Ever. And they've been in love for 600 years, with her continually being reincarnated and then consequently killed off by Damen's ex. Yep.

So overall, it was an interesting concept, once I got past a few things,and I liked the characters. There was some language to be wary of, but nothing too crazy, and a few references to "going all the way" and such, but again, nothing I'd really be too uncomfortable passing on to your average high-schooler. I'd say 8th and Up...

Evermore (PB) - St. Martin's Griffin, February 2009

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