Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summertime: Running, Reading, and Brewfesting

First of all, I am in Week 5 of my Couch to 5K program, which means that I am up to running 8 minutes at a time. It's still difficult, and I still hate it, but I definitely feel good and my legs are getting stronger. Plus, I've also randomly begun to notice that my waitressing muscles (forearms and biceps) are starting to show. I'm gonna be buff, folks! (hahahaha I can't even say it without laughing.) But still... Now if I could stay away from Rebecca's cooking, I'd be in good shape.

Second, I can't stop reading the House of Night series I reviewed earlier. I've finished all four of the five books published in a freaking week. All of the copies of the fifth book are checked out, and I'm dying to get my hands on one! They are seriously guilty pleasures and highly addictive, and with TrueBlood starting back on Sunday, I'm worried I'm going to get into vampire mode like I was after reading Twilight. This is not good. Although in my defense, and my sister will back me up here, I've loved vampire stories since I was a little girl when my family snuck onto the set of Interview with a Vampire in New Orleans. (On a sidenote, I've never thought Brad Pitt was more attractive than in his role as a vamp.)

Third, Brewfest was a complete success! My married friends R&R came over from Tuscaloser, and Dickie made PRETZEL NECKLACES. Apparently the purpose was to cleanse our palets between tastings, but to me, it was snack on a rope around my neck, baby. And they were a HIT! People were asking where we bought them. We could have made a killing. Plus a few randoms were actually brave enough to walk up and snatch one for a snack on the go. For reals. At any rate, my favorite brew was Sam Adams Blackberry Whitbier, but I also really liked this Apricot Wheat brew, which I believe was made by Ithica, but I'm not positive. Below are some pics from our day.

That's me and Dickie, showing off our pretzel necklaces (and his pretzel earrings), and me at the end of the day, finishing off my last pretzel, more than a little sunburned, full of beer, and ready for a nap.

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