Thursday, March 25, 2010

[30-Day Song Challenge] Day 1 - She'll follow you down til the sound of her voice will haunt you...

Day 1 - Your Favorite Song

Silver Springs - Fleetwood Mac

This has undoubtedly been my favorite song since I was 13 or so. You can read back to when I first discussed my love of Fleetwood Mac and this song, as well as my idolatry of Stevie Nicks.

I imagine many of you are surprised that my favorite song is not one by Ryan Adams, and though many of his are favorites of mine, this song has held its ground. As Stevie says to the wildly applauding audience at the end of the song on The Dance (live album taped from their 1997 reunion tour), "Silver Springs is a great old song..." I loved the song long before I knew anything about the soap opera that was Fleetwood Mac back in the day. Now, having been informed, I can't help but find it interesting that the song was originally released only as a B-side, apparently blocked from being included on the Rumours album by Mick Fleetwood (a fact which Stevie attributes to adding to the tension which eventually led to the bands' breakup), only to be released on a box set in 1992 and to become wildly popular again with her more heated version from The Dance. I honestly always knew and loved the latter version, the one from the reunion tour in the 90s, and I was shocked when I first heard the original recording, because she seemed far more passionate and emotional 25 years after she first wrote it.

The song starts off sweetly enough, but when it gets to the end, and you listen and think about how she wrote it for Lindsey Buckingham and all the drama and also love that was there... and she's just pounding it out, "You'll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you..." almost like a threat... I get so caught up and find myself just belting it out. And whoa, Lindsey, she means it. You're never gonna get away. Not even decades later. When we saw them live last June here in Nashville... you could still feel all that raw emotion. It just gives you chills, and when they played it as their encore, with Stevie up there singing straight to Lindsey, it was just amazing and also a bit heartbreaking. Nevertheless, it's a beautiful song and has stayed in my head for about 15 years now.

Here's a clip from The Dance, although I certainly love the older version as well. Pay attention to the end. It just baffles me.

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