Monday, March 29, 2010

[30-Day Song Challenge] Day 3 - When I need a Chin Up, Cheer Up

 I've decided to double the challenge, as I've found that for every day, a Ryan Adams song pops in my head first. And while I know there are some folks out there who would appreciate that, this is not a Ryan Adams blog, and I'm aware he's not for everyone. So for each entry, I'll give a Ryan song and a non-Ryan song. I figure that's only fair, seeing as I have 5,000 songs on my ipod, 989 of which are Ryan Adams or Whiskeytown.So here goes...

Day 3 - A Song that makes you Happy

"Send Me On My Way" by Rusted Root

 I always smile and giggle when I hear this song. Partly because it reminds me of my best friend, who oh-so-brazingly put this as her senior mantra/quote in our high school yearbook (surprising many who didn't realize just how ready she was to get the H out of our hometown). Partly because I laugh at myself every time I sing it and realize I have absolutely no clue what some of the words are. I've looked them up, and I never remember because they make no sense. It comes out as something like "i would like to hold my lil hand. maybe i'll runnnwaaayyyy maybe i'll callllwweeeee." Or something like that. Totally off. 

And then I just picture the dudes on the video and all kinds of people just skipping around, similar to that scene from BioDome to "Safety Dance," and it just makes me happy. Plus I just like the tune.

"Chin Up, Cheer Up" by Ryan Adams

This is my mantra for when I literally need to cheer up. One of my best friends, Sara Beth, who shares my Ryan obsession/love, and I continually respond to any Debbie Downer texts or conversations with a simple "Chin up, Cheer up." And every time I hear the song, it reminds me to do just that. It's upbeat and fun (unlike so many of Ryan's songs), and it makes me think of good times and SB. And that makes me smile too. :)

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RRB said...

Such a great song...can't decided whether send me on my way or second hand newws would be my chin up, cheer up.