Tuesday, March 30, 2010

[30-Day Song Challenge] Day 4 - Sad songs say so much

Day 4 - A Song that makes you SAD

"Oh My Sweet Carolina" by Ryan Adams

I love this song. I really do. It reminds of when I first discovered RA's music, and I'm reminded of times with friends who I love dearly and miss much, especially now that we live far away from each other. I listen to this song and think about when I first lived in Birmingham, when my friends Jessa and Hunter would talk about his music and their experiences as students at Chapel Hill, with its fall colors and pumpkin patches, and how much they loved (and missed) their home in North Carolina. I could just picture it and hear the harmonica sighing, and it made me long for North Carolina as well.

Have you ever felt nostalgic for somewhere you've never even been? I do frequently, and it's simply an indescribable feeling... To be so sad and to miss a place you've never even seen in person. (Sdenote: I did make it to Chapel Hill for Jessa's wedding this past fall, and I will be disappointed if I find at the end of my life that I never lived in that area even if but for a year.)

And now that I'm a good bit away from my hometown in South Alabama, and I find myself missing home more and more, his words describe that longing for home in general just as much as for his home. Yep - and now I'm sad. I miss my mommy.

I'm only doing one for today, as this would have been my entry regardless.

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RRB said...

oh my sweet carooooolina.