Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Further I Fall

Happy Tuesday, dear readers! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! The sun was shining in Nashville, and I had a great weekend. I saw/heard some very talented local musicians (Tallest Trees, Drury Peek, and Shotgun Lover - the latter two of which are friends of mine) and spent my Saturday in the sun and in some thrift shops (where I came across quite a find, ... more on that in sec), and once the sun retired, I hung out with a good friend and watched "Men Who Stare at Goats," which was quite funny, from what I remember. (It had been a long and exciting day - see below - and my memory tends to fail me.) Good times.

My Thriftstore Find of the YEAR

Here's the thing. My grandparents have this awesome record player console that plays in the background of many of my fondest childhood memories. We would sit and listen to Conway Twitty and George Jones, and chat away the days. Or something like that. I've had my eye on that console for YEARS. But my sister, sneaky little devil that she is, called dibs on it and asked my grandparents for it years and years ago before the thought had ever crossed my mind. Shame on her, right? So needless to say, even though I have a record player (a nice new Crosley), I've pined for a console. And I finally found one! Armed with q meager budget, I set out on Saturday to peruse used bookstores and thrift shops for a few books on my wish list, only to come across this girl. And she's a beaut. A Magnavox, I'm thinking from the '50s or '60s, in perfect working order with a good needle and LOUD speakers. Even the old radio works. No visible scratches to speak of, and it even includes the original instruction manual. To top it all off, when the thrift store dude brought out an album to test on it, he brought out none other than Alabama's The Closer You Get, which of course I had to buy as well. I'm a happy girl. (Also, check out the Fort Payne boys circa 1983. Yikes.)

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