Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh, the times are a-changin...

Well it's been since June that I've updated this, and for that I am truly sorry. Yall still with me? Anyone? Bueller?

Much has changed since I last posted. I've moved to Nashville. Music City! I'm in my element. Got an awesome job working for a nonprofit, managing the library and website and such, and am living with an old friend whose company (and whose pup) I enjoy more and more every day. I hate to be so far from home (and the beach), and I miss dearly the as friends and family who I left behind... but I'm happy here.

Anyway - thank you for listening. I plan to use this blog to meander and ramble, mostly about music, books, and life... to share the things I find interesting and that I hope will interest you. And also to share this journey as I strive for better health and habits. Recently I was given doctor's orders to change my eating habits and lifestyle in order to stave off the genetic downfall my diabetic parents and grandparents handed to me. I'm not diabetic, but I'm at risk for it. So I've added exercise to my daily routine, even if all I can do is 30 minutes on my lunch break (we'll see how that goes once the summer heat gets here), and changing my diet. Not dieting, but making the "lifestyle change" you always hear so much about.

I'll be checking in soon to share some book reviews and whatnot.

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RRB said...

Yay! Was just thinking the other day you hadn't posted in forever.