Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 7 - The timing, and structure...

Day 7 - A song that reminds you of an event

Blink 182 - "Dammit"

I will never hear this song and not think about the day that I met John Melton. Or at least the day that we became friends. I realize this seems more fitting for the "A song that reminds you of someone" post, but I consider the moment I met John and consequently the rest of the boys who would be my neighbors and truly good friends during my sophomore year of college, an event. We had just moved in and walked next door, where John was sitting in a lawn chair in his back yard, smoking cigarettes and drinking beer like all good college boys do. And we bonded that day. I remember him telling me about his sisters and how he was constantly surrounded by women, that he knew all about makeup and fashion. And this song was playing, and I was a bit of a prude at the time, and hadn't quite grasped my love of a good cuss word like all good college boys and girls do, and I remember how he blatantly sung the "Did you hear... he f***ed her" part louder... and I laughed and thought he was just so cool. Not necessarily because of the cussing, but just because he kinda was.

And that began what would be my favorite year of college. The year I did the most cliche college things. Drank the most beer, stayed up the latest, participated in things like homemade backyard slip-n-slides, last-minute lake trips, water park outings, had rave parties in our living rooms, downhill office chair races... Or at least the year I did these things for the first time. I could write books about that year and about all the boys and girls of Northpointe.

(These were our neighbors... Daniel, John, and Jason... in all their glory.
In their defense, the popped collars were a joke. I think.)

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