Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Newest Purchase

Sorry for the lacking in updates this week... we're gearing up for a big event here at work, so I'm a busy little bee these days. Song Challenge entries are  on their way, among many other things, but for now... a preview of my latest purchase:

Yep - that's the Reebok Simply Tone, which through the use of foam pods on the bottom, uses "micro-instability" to tone your legs and butt more when you walk. You all have probably seen ads like below for the Reebok Easy Tone, and these are essentially a second generation model with foam pads instead of plastic balls (which apparently were apt to perforate easily), and at a bit lower cost ($80 vs. $100). I'm considering a second pair in black strictly for my waitressing gig, but I'm going to give these a whirl for my walks first. So we'll see... maybe my boobs will be jealous soon. (Yeah right.) See below.

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RRB said...

wow...those commercials are pretty scandy...good luck with that lady.