Thursday, May 27, 2010

[30-Day Song Challenge] Day 14 - Aubergine Dreams

Day 14 - A Song that no one would expect you to love

Time To Dance (Album Version) by Panic! At The Disco

I realized later that THIS, my ridiculous love for Panic! at the Disco (with and without the !) is truly my guiltiest pleasure. I was obsessed with their first album, and had (have?) a mad crush on front man Brendon Urie (pictured below). Foxy. In a guyliner'd kinda way... (he's pretty).... used to be my thing. No apologies here. I could probably assert that gawking at boys like is my truest, dirtiest, guiltiest pleasure. My inner 14-year-old girl is out of control, people.

But the thing is... I do love this song. Loved both of their albums. Am sad that the foursome split in two and now are (in my opinion), as two different bands, making two terrible albums. I digress.

Anyway, I'm not sure that my adoration for them is surprising or unexpected, but I can't in good conscious put up the ONE song I truly adore but which shocks the everliving poo out of everyone when I admit I know every lyric. Let's just say it's by Tenacious D and has a choice four-letter word in its title.

The following is a blogged version of the inside of my inner 14-year-old's locker. I think I could probably make a blog post in itself of that, but then I think I would lose ALL credibility... if I have any left after this. 

 (Brendon, lead singer, is the one in front... this was circa 2005 or 2006.)

And now (on the right). Foxy.

And I've now lost any respectable male readers. My bad.

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RRB said...

Dude I'm gonna need you to speed the 30 day challenge up, pleaaase.