Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And the rain, it fell... and the story went on.

This post from my friend Laurel sums up what's going on right now in Nashville.

Water supplies are limited. The Opryland Hotel is under water, as is most of downtown south of 4th Avenue. My friend Blount works for a tour supply company, and they've lost thousands and thousands of dollars worth of equipment (including the guitars from some pretty prominent musicians' collections). They had to take a jet ski out to even begin to assess the damage.

The news depresses me, and I'm reminded (on a MUCH smaller scale) of post-Katrina coverage. Images of flooded neighborhoods; bodies found downstream; stories of loss. My friend Michael (one of the most ridiculous and hilarious people I know) cracked me up the other day pointing out how the news anchors start to lose it and misspeak at about hour 14... and how in all the crazy hooplah surrounding hurricanes and whatnot, at least we can look forward to that for comic relief. (Another sidenote of comic relief from Michael: he works at O'Charley's in Brentwood, and they INSISTED he go to work on Sunday, even though there was a tree down blocking his street, and all of the interstates were flooded. Obviously it was unsafe. The news anchors were begging people to stay home and off the streets. And yet they sent someone to pick him up. In a Miata. Michael is probably close to 7 feet tall. This is an exaggeration, but to someone - me - who is only 5 feet tall, he's a giant. And this image makes me laugh, especially because I know he was huffing and puffing his whole way there, with his head hitting the ceiling and knees at his chest.) 

Anyway, I was lucky to only have about 3 inches of water in my bedroom. It's not pretty, nor does it smell nice at the moment, but it was only rain water, and I was home and able to get anything important out of the way. Most of my furniture sits on legs, with the exception of bookshelves (only three books were lost...) and my new record player... but it sits a little higher, so no water touched it. I'm thankful for having uneven foundation at the moment!

I'm thankful for a lot of things at the moment. My house could have been floating down the Interstate! Did anyone else see that on the news? It's just crazy, yall, because this was a RAIN STORM. Just rain. It's crazy.

Thank you all for the well wishes. I'll update more as I can and post pictures, but for now it's BACK TO WORK! 

PS: The title of this blog is from "Salina" - one of my favorite Avett Brothers songs.

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