Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh, Bluebeard.

So Natalie (my younger sister, for those of you who are unfamiliar) and I are all about exploring. Traveling. Seeing new places, trying new things. Yadda yadda. Most of the time, we enjoy ourselves. We consider ourselves relatively cultured. We appreciate art and music, good food, fine beers and whatnot. We aren't fancy people, but we like to do fancy every once in a while, ya know?

Until now, I can only recall one misjudgment on my part in our travels, and that was when I (an art history buff) dragged little sister to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and forced her to walk around with me as I stood in awe of these paintings I studied. She cried of boredom. (I said we appreciate art, but appreciating art and appreciating museums are two entirely different things.) It was quite hilarious, in retrospect.

This past Saturday, we took on the Symphony. And we hated it.

Symphony buffs can tell you that Nashville's symphony is outstanding. The Schermerhorn Symphony Center (pictured at right) was built a few years ago, and is just a gorgeous building. Sadly, it endured a beating and had quite a bit of water in it from Nashville's recent floods, but they are diligently working on it's repairs.

So Nat and I were handed tickets to the symphony, now being held at TPAC's concert hall, where it originally was played until the Schermerhorn Center was built. We went to see a Beethoven/ Bartók ensemble, with this description:

In his Symphony No. 1, Beethoven embarked on what would soon be a string of monumental works destined to change the course of classical music. Bartók’s early masterpiece Bluebeard’s Castle recounts the classic fairy tale about a bloodthirsty nobleman and his castle of horrors. As his young bride walks through the doors of the castle, Bartók’s music builds in dramatic intensity, leading to a chilling conclusion.

Right up our alley, we thought. Good and creepy. . We love all sorts of music; I find (yet another instance of) guilty pleasure in marching bands; and we both really enjoyed our Music Appreciation class at Auburn, in which we memorized conductors/symphonies by ear. Plus they were displaying some of Dave Chihuly's work as part of the set. I mean.Yay symphony! We got dressed up, ran downtown, were almost late, found our amazing seats, and...

We were bored to tears.

Well no one cried this time. Natalie did fall asleep. I was antsy and pretty bored. While we appreciated the music for what it was (beautiful, really), and the second part, Bluebeard's Castle, was intriguing and the singers had these wonderful voices... we were still bored. I feel guilty for being bored, but alas, It just wasn't our thing. NEXT!

Any of yall ever found yourselves to be not quite as cultured as you'd assumed?

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RRB said...

I secretly had a feeling this would happen... :)