Sunday, June 20, 2010

[30-Day Challenge] Day 21 - Mighty to Save

Day 21 - A song you listen to when you're happy

To contrast with what you may think after yesterday's post...

I love praise and worship music. I think this stems from my time spent in a Southern Baptist youth group, but I find it hilarious that I also share this love with my sister and my Jewish best friend, neither of whom would be inclined to appreciate the genre, either because of musical snobbery or religious affiliation. Yet, when the three of us are together, we rock out. These are my two favorites, an old and a new.

And I can barely think of happier times.

An oldie: "God of Wonders" by Third Day featuring Caedman's Call
(This video is hopelessly CHEESE, but I couldn't find a better one.)

And my newest favorite: "Mighty to Save" performed by Hillsong United

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RRB said...

Listening to mighty to save with the arms up...not quite a fist pump. :)