Friday, June 25, 2010

[30-Day Song Challenge] Day 26 -Just call me (insert name of famous clarinet player here)

Day 26 - A song you can play on an instrument

This is a stretch. I played the clarinet in 6th and 7th grade band, and I could possibly still pick it up and hammer out a few notes , but I'm hesitant to place any wagers on that. However, at one point in my life, little ole me could play THIS:

Or at least part of it. Go to 4:33. That's the best part. Hear those clarinets going bummm bumbumbummm... bummmmm bumbumbum... Oh yeah. That's the stuff.

(The whole song is actually quite lovely.)


Adam White said...

I rocked that song.

RRB said...

I completely remembering you dorking out to the song back in the day and maybe me, too. We were bad azzes. Ha!