Wednesday, June 30, 2010

[30-Day Song Challenge] Day 28 - Sorry, Mr. Jack!

Day 30 - A song that makes you Rebecca feel guilty

After having no luck thinking of a good guilt-trip song, I asked Rebecca for her help, and she immediately reminded me of this song, one that apparently brings her back to a fateful car ride when we were in 4th grade, when we nearly gave her dad a heart attack. You see, we were traveling to or from an Odyssey of the Mind competition (we made it to the world finals, people), and Rebecca's dad (Mr. Jack) was driving us and two other friends. And lemme tell ya... Reba was a handful. She gave her parents hell. We would sit in the back and giggle and wonder what she'd say next, and just how far she'd push it until Mr. Jack would blow.

So on this trip, we're jamming out to the Crash Test Dummies on repeat, cruising along in the old Lincoln (see below for reference), and we stop at a gas station. And Rebecca decides to spend her hard-earned quarters to buy flavored condoms from the machine in the bathroom. Did we really know what condoms were for? No. But we knew they were baaaaad. And we knew it was hilarious that Rebecca was blowing them up like balloons in the backseat, making us giggle like crazy. But we really just didn't understand why, when Mr. Jack realized what the group of 9-year-old girls in his backseat were doing, flipped out and nearly ran us off the road. And got all red-faced and yelled and yelled. Well, in his own way. Bless his heart, that man is probably the sweetest human being alive. He survived Desert Storm and has exercised nearly every day of his life, but a pack of 9-year-old girls almost got the best of him.

And so this is Reba's guilt-inducing song. And mine too, Mr. Jack. I'm glad you survived all the trips with us. :)

The Crash Test Dummies "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm"


Anonymous said...

I did not know that you had a blog...I just read the one about the explorer too! Hillarious!! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Who would have known that the girl blowing up condoms as if they were balloons would end up being a chicken bucket.

Jack said...

Great memories! I must have listened to that song 75 times from Dothan to Auburn and back. Since I read your blog, I have not been able to get that song out of my mind, but I wouldn't have traded that trip for anything. Keep in touch and stay safe. Hope everything is well with you. Mr. Jack