Wednesday, August 18, 2010

blue jean serenade

I was listening to The Killers' Live at Royal Albert Hall on the way to work this morning, and caught myself having an honest-to-God full rock out session to an extent I haven't experienced in quite sometime. At 7:55 am, at least.  I believe at about 1:53 on the following track, I was fist-pumping with reckless abandon. I probably scared some people on the road.

I've seen The Killers in concert twice, and they're among the cream of the crop of my favorite musicians to see live. And I've seen A LOT of great shows. Of course their songs are consistently good (duh), and while at first I assumed Brandon Flowers's voice wouldn't hold up live since he tends to stay in higher ranges consistently, it was clean and good and boomed through the Grand Ole Opry and Atlanta's Fox Theatre. Plus they play all the songs you hope to hear, switching things up just enough to vary from the recorded tracks. I haven't seen them play any covers or many unreleased tracks, which is the only thing they're lacking (I do love a good surprise). Now I'm jonesin' for them to tour again, though it looks like it'll be a while since they're taking a break as a band. But at least we can all count on Brandon, as he's about to release a solo record. I'm digging the first single (and I like the video... Charlize Theron is so gorgeous, and such a badass.)

Doesn't hurt to mention that I credit him as my first indie rocker crush. Back when they started out and he was rockin' the guyliner... I fell hard. [I'm also just realizing this is not the first time I've mentioned guyliner in my writings.]

So what gets your fists pumping in the morning? And if you're a Killers fan, what do you think of Brandon's solo stuff so far?


RRB said...

funny I was listening to the same cd rocking out on the way to work too! gmta.

Blount said...

Doesn't his solo stuff remind you of Bruce Hornsby? haha

Lauren said...

GMTA indeed, Reba.

B - you know, at first I was thinking you'd lost your mind, and then I relistened to "The Way It Is"... and I totally hear it. Good call. Ha!