Friday, August 6, 2010

Home is wherever I'm with you

I traveled to one of my favorite places a few weekends ago to see an old friend of mine marry her sweetheart at the Biltmore Estate. KK and Doug met in Auburn and have lived several places (Spain and Charlotte, to name a few) and enjoyed tons of adventures, but she calls Asheville her "God Place," and wanted to be married there. She said she feels God there more than in any church. I love that. And I've gotta say, I felt Him there too.

 It was a small, simple ceremony filled with personal touches. And because the bride and I share love for (and tastes in) music, I hoped she would pick something a bit nontraditional. And she didn't disappoint. The string quartet played the following (starting at about 2:26) as Mr. and Mrs. Van Wie walked down the aisle as husband and wife for the first time. And while some folks probably didn't even realize it was something out of the ordinary, I just stood there and watched them run by and listened. And it was awesome. And just about perfect.

Sigur Rós - Hoppípolla from Sigur Rós on Vimeo.

I got to take a few frame-able photos (read "Christmas Presents") with the Sister:

I hung out with some old friends:

And made some new ones:

We danced like idiots:

Sappy Sister and I teared up watching two people so incredibly excited to have just been married:

And then we sent them off with a big WAR EAGLE (plus I got to beef up my supply of Auburn shakers):

All in all, it was a great wedding weekend. My friends and I enjoyed touring the city and Bele Chere (the huge art and music festival going on downtown) during the day, and at night, sampling the local bar scene and taking over the Doubletree... hanging out late-night, and acting like fools in the hallways. I hope we never grow up. I'm also still finding Doubletree cookies in my bags. They are, however, no longer warm nor delicious.

On Sunday, I convinced my sister and our friend Bobby to indulge me and take the scenic route along the Blue Ridge Parkway back home. It was quite the detour at nearly 2 hours, but absolutely worth it. I've said before how much I love this area of the country. It may just be my God Place as well. Isn't it beautiful?


As we Natalie drove around the twists and and turns of the road, we listened to the homemade "Love Mix" CD KK and Doug included in the welcome packet for out-of-towners. The CD is headed off by the following song, which I found quite fitting for the occasion, as well as for two people who have traveled all around the world together, never quite settled, and never quite home. And it's been in my head for two weeks now.

"Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Home is wherever I'm with you.

That's true happiness right there. And such an original band. Seems they genuinely love singing and performing together. Check out this live performance and watch them hop around if you love the song as much as I do.

Sidenote: Since originally writing this post last week and now, I've found myself obsessed with this band and am dying to see one of their lively "revival-like" performances. Plus I love the fact that Alex Ebert (aka Edward Sharpe) and Jade Castrinos, one of the band's cofounders singing along with those killer vocals, wrote this together, about each other. Whether they're in love now or once one, there's no denying a great dynamic and genuine affection there.  The band's story is pretty cool, but that's a whole other post altogether. I'm a bit behind, but glad i found this band now. Better late than never.

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