Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I do love a choir

I love a church choir. Maybe it stems from being raised in a Southern Baptist church, or maybe it is just a Southern thing altogether, but it never fails that a good choir makes me grin like a fool. Which is probably why this song was the first one I heard that sealed The Killers' place in my all-time favorite musicians. And probably why I said this before about my wedding whenever that comes along. There's a reason we all love Sister Act, people, and it's not just for Whoopi and all her sass.

And judging from the following, I can't wait to get my hands on Kings of Leon's new album to be released in October. Come Around Sundown is set to release October 18th, and those yummy Followill boys are saying it came out a bit "chilled out and beachy," which usually isn't my thing (I was looking forward to some gloom and grunge), but I have high hopes with the addition of a choir in the first single. Seems their paying an homage to their very Southern downhome roots, which is something I'll always appreciate. Despite all the flack they get here in Nashville (why does everyone love to hate on their hometown bands once they hit it big?), I love me some KOL.

Kings of Leon - "Radioactive"

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Laurel said...

ok. im totally being a comment slut because i just realized your posts haven't been coming thru my reader so i'm behind.

anyway. I haven't heard this song and i'm IN LOVE with it!! don't even get me started on a church choir...and an african american one at that. it'll make me channel my childhood days at the church "up the dirt road" i went to with my surrogate grandmother Lela. whew. i feel a blog post and or a wine drinkin story comin on.

thanks for sharing!!