Friday, September 3, 2010

A new theory

Bobby and I discovered something a few months ago, and it has been tried and tested and proved correct time and time again. So I'm sharing it with you.

So about a month or so ago, we were in Asheville for a wedding weekend. It was a bit of a reunion weekend, since the bride was from my hometown and had gone to college with my sister and me, and it was all a bit reminiscent of being teens let out on our own in a big new city for the first time. Except we have real jobs and money to spend and actual legal rights to go to bars. So we did. And we went to fancy dinners. And we stayed out Friday night entirely too late, considering we were expected to be at a brunch at 10am.

Needless to say, Saturday morning was less than pleasant. And to top it off, my poor seester woke up with a migraine. So Bobby and I, after foregoing brunch in search of pain medication for Nat, were on our own to explore for a while. But first... we were hungry. And we needed a few things from ole Wal-Mart. So there we are,  hungover and hating the miserable heat that we were disappointed to find was plaguing North Carolina just as much as Tennessee... walking around like zombies, searching for silly things like bobby pins, v-neck tshirts, and Alieve. So we made our purchases, adding some green tea (Bobby's fave that he highly recommended to ease my head), and we headed to Zaxby's. We ate. Realized later it was only 10:30am in Central Time, which just seemed weird to have been sitting in a Zaxby's. And then we headed home.

The radio was on, and all of a sudden... Michael Jackson is singing. What is this song? Brains aren't working. Then there's a "heee heeehah!" "Go'on Girl!" The Way You Make Me Feel. And we jam out.

Approximately four minutes later, we realize our moods are instantly lifted. And we decide that the combination of Zaxby's (or probably any acceptable fried chicken goodness), Iced Green Tea, and Michael Jackson will lift any mood. The Trifecta of Hangover Cures, if you will. (Add Alieve also, but that is just a given.)

So while I haven't tried this out as a Hangover Cure again (I'm not a big drinker, so those Saturday mornings are thankfully few and far between), I have realized The Gloved One's powers for lifting a mood. "Billie Jean" did it over the speakers as I worked a late shift at the restaurant a few days ago (all the servers who had previously been ho-humming about, annoyed at customers and such, suddenly were bouncing around and dancing and singing like crazies). Then just a moment ago in the car, the following, my favorite Michael Jackson song, popped up randomly on my iPod, and my sleepy ho-hum mood was instantly lifted. Try it out. You'll see. He's magical. We always knew it.

I'd forgotten about this video. Perhaps just listen and don't watch. It's a bit of a [debbie] downer. 

When I was little, I thought the words were "... and no mustache could have been any clevah." Listen for it. Ha!

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