Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pick me, T. Swift! Pick me!

I've been attending Crosspoint Community Church for a while now, and I can't tell you enough how much I've grown as a person and in my faith during this time. It's been a truly great experience for me. And beginning in a few weeks, I'll be joining a Community Group for women and also volunteering through the Serving Saturdays activities... taking my journey from attending church once a week and reading Christian writers' blogs and books to stepping out in the community and doing something and getting involved. I've very excited about this.

But on an only somewhat-related note, my preacher and his family were asked to appear in Taylor Swift's latest music video. That's Pete Wilson and his wife acting as Taylor's arguing parents, and also his kids (including the birthday boy). Adorable kids. It made their life to be a part of that.

Stuff like this just doesn't happen when you live somewhere like Dothan. Or Birmingham, for that matter. Neither does this:

That is a tour bus belonging to John Rich (from Big and Rich of the "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" Country Music shame fame). And it was parked in front of my house. He lives up the street.

In my best Stephanie Tanner voice: How rude.


Another very cool thing going on in Nashville is Donald Miller bringing his "Living a Better Story" campaign to Belmont University. He is one of my aforementioned favorite Christian authors/bloggers, and I am truly inspired by his idea of making your life into a story. I can hardly begin to describe it, as it is the subject of an entire book, but basically when they went to make his bestseller Blue Like Jazz into a movie, he found himself disturbed by how much he was editing his life to make things better, more attractive, more funny, etc., for the movie version. And it got him pondering the what ifs of what could happen if we actually set out to make sure we lived better stories. He realized that his life had been about writing books and making money, and that at the end of the day, he wanted it to be about more. So he started The Mentoring Project. Rest is history.

Soooooo, back to my story. He came to speak at Belmont, and students were handed cash and asked to "do something" with the money. The idea is that they'll use it to create a story, and then share their stories, via video, blog entries, and other formats here.

Pretty cool,  huh? These are the things I love about being in a college town, and one that draws big names and cool events to it more so than the college towns of my past (love them as I do...).

Sidenote: I got to hear Don speak once at a mega-church here back in the fall, and I got my book signed. I dorked out and took a picture with him. He's an upstanding dude. Great speaker. I left inspired. I recommend his books for any person interested in reading about faith and wanting to be inspired, but not preached to. He presents ideas and arguments so candidly and with such humor, that I would call them musings more than anyone. They're the stories of his faith, and he's an awesome storyteller.

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