Friday, December 17, 2010

My Christmas List

Eager to have a gift under your tree for me? Isn't everyone? Here's a random want list. Do I NEED these things? Nope. But yes, do so want.

Bookworm Stationery:

 Any necklace from this Etsy Shop. Some examples:

 The first seasons of Modern Family and Community. Took me a while to jump on these trains, but so glad I did. Now I need to catch up.

(I'll take Joel McHale separately, please.)

While we're at it, I need the first disc of Season 1 of How I Met Your Mother. SOMEBODY misplaced mine. Mmmmhmmmmm you know who you are. 

(Moving on....)

Penguin Postcards. Not like the animal. As in, the publishing house. Very cool idea.

Red Rose Watch from PAXAM Records (Ryan Adams's record company). Sold out, yes. But if anyone got their hands on one and wants to sacrifice theirs or trade for a very nice Bulova watch that was my college graduation gift... let's talk.

A PUPPY (plus the time and money to care for one?).  Yes, it's cliche. But seeing as I am soon embarking on the adventure to live alone for the first time in my 28 years, I'd like a companion. I think I've decided on a Boston Terrier. I will also settle for a smush-face kitty, but only if he's a version of Winston. And if you take away all allergens so my friends can come over.

Vinyl. I'd like as much of the Avetts as possible, the Fleet Foxes, and Love Is Hell to round out my DRA collection. And lots and lots of Lionel Richie. OH and some Dolly Parton. Alvin & the Chipmunks' Christmas album. Old school Reba. Hmmmm what else.... Thriller. Kind of Blue. And some Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings. That should do me for a little while.

The Perfect Apartment. I'd love it if the Craigslist Santa delivered to me, as a special Christmas miracle, a nice little 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment/house that is in my price range, but also in a nice area. Preferably on the West Side and more specifically in Sylvan Park. Actually I don't need a whole second bedroom, just a space for my bookshelves and a pull-out couch for visitors. A big kitchen would be nice. And a porch. A front porch, preferably. With room for a swing and rocking chairs. Hardwood floors. Non-sketchy neighbors a must. Am I expecting too much? Absolutely.

LASIK surgery. Saving up for that currently, but if anyone wants to make a donation, I'll take it!

Tickets to see my Auburn Tigers play in the National Championship game.  Tickets are ranging in the $500+ area, while plane tickets out to Arizona are around $1,200 at the moment. Any Moneybags out there want to sponsor a sweet little Auburn grad so that she can cheer on her favorite team and maybe, possibly, find some redemption from that 2004 fiasco (which was also her senior year and last football season as a student)? Anyone? Bueller?

Christmas Vacation on DVD. I just realized I don't have it. I need it. Hallelujah! Holy Shit. Where's the Tylenol?

DVD Player or TV with Internet capabilities so I can stream Netflix directly. Do I need to explain why?

Portable Sewing Machine. It gets expensive to have every pair of pants and every skirt and dress hemmed. Also, I'd need some sewing lessons. That's key.

For my sister to get to meet her idol, Lady Gaga. Yes, I am talking about my 26-year-old grown-ass-woman sister. She loves the Gaga. And it would make her life to meet her. And she's playing a show here in April, so it's the perfect opportunity. And maybe then she would be sweeter to me if I could make it happen.
Sister (on the right) and her roommate dressed as The Lady for Halloween.

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