Thursday, February 24, 2011


To the readers of The Uncontainable Truth... welcome!

To the others, an explanation: My friends Raleigh and Christen Price write an incredibly inspiring and informative website/blog based on faith, family, and, well, life in general, and they have quite a following. I've known the pair since we were mere youngins, having grown up in the same hometown. Clad in maroon and gold, Christen and I shared the bond of cheering together in high school. We all went on to study at Auburn, continuing to cheer from the sidelines. They are truly two of the kindest, funniest, and just all-around best people I know. The kind of people who bring a smile to your face and make your heart happy. And they also are not afraid to talk openly and honestly about their struggles with faith and ongoing relationships with God.

So the pair dated for what seemed like forever. All through high school and college. Finally got married. I'll never forget the moment in their wedding when they asked the preacher to tell their loved ones to have patience, that it's worth the wait. Don't Settle. Trust in God's Plan. I took it to heart. 

Fast forward a few years. Christen gets pregnant. It's TWINS! Crazy. But then something happens. The twin girls come early. Too early. They're struggling. Christen and Raleigh are struggling. And Christen, perhaps purposely or perhaps not, begins writing. Her everyday blog turns into this testament about faith, feelings of pain, anger, and fear, all the while holding tight to a steadfast belief that God has not abandoned her or her babies while they fought to survive. Again, with the patience. Their gut-wrenching honesty and optimism inspired me daily.

Survive they did, and now, ten months later, the girls are up and (almost literally) running. They're doing well, and Christen's "little blog" enjoys quite a large number of readers. They've added book and music reviews, entertainment suggestions, and general thoughts about parenthood. I especially enjoyed Christen's ramblings about how she could possibly still be cool and rock a (now necessary) minivan at the age of 26. Next on their list... guest posts. And I have been asked to write. 
Me with Raleigh and Christen at their wedding in 2007

Adeline and Maralee Price

So check back soon, as I will be sharing a link to my first guest post from The Uncontainable Truth. I'm beyond honored and flattered, and I hope not to disappoint. 

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Christen said...


I am sitting here so humbled at your words. Thank you for supporting our family and we are SO EXCITED to have you guest blogging on The Uncontainable Truth. You are a gem!