Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nothin' on earth that'll get me hummin'...

... Like a heat wave comin', I'll come runnin'...

Any Clint Black fans out there? Oh, 90's country. Love you so.

Anyway, summer's coming folks. No doubt. And I'm proud to say that I, with a little help from some friends, successfully managed to bring my patio back from the dead. Maybe my thumb isn't as black as I've always thought. Time will tell. 


Weeded, pressure-washed brick, hung ferns and flowers (from local Produce Place down the road)

Knockout Roses, Salvia, and Marigolds in the bed (with Ronnie II the AU gnome keeping watch).
Planted white azalea to remind me of home in the bucket.
So while I'm planting and gearing up for summer, I've been working on a summer playlist. I tend to listen to music in seasons... while sometimes particular artists lend themselves to more, um, melancholy winter days, mostly I've found that particular albums make their way into rotation when the sun comes out. We all know I love sad singers and slow tunes, but some days you just need upbeat and cheery. And this year, I've got some good'ns for my summer tunes. You can scroll through and sample my (always in-progress) YouTube mix below. 

And here are some of my current favorites from the mix (not repeating some of the musicians/bands I post on the reg, but you know they make the list):

This whole album is my anthem for the summer.

Seeing them in 2.5 weeks!


I think Johnny would approve.

This Man.

I think I'm sweating vicariously now.

So what am I missing? Anything you disagree with? (Don't forget, lots more here.)

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