Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Do these things. Yes, now.

1. Check out my latest post on The Uncontainable Truth, in which I introduce Christen and Raleigh's readers to Mumford and Sons, and discuss my love of the F Bomb. Not really. But kinda.

2. Go see Bridesmaids. It's just really so funny. So, so funny. Here's a clip from one of my favorite scenes.

Kristen Wiig is my hero. Seriously. She's hilarious and I want to completely copy her hairstyle and wardrobe from the entire film. But for real, go get a good laugh in before the Rapture comes Saturday and mass hysteria hits. You won't regret it. Unless you're easily offended and put off by dirty words. If you couldn't handle The Hangover, stay at home and be boring.

3. Check out the Fleet Foxes's new album, Helplessness Blues. Never heard of the Fleet Foxes? Listen to the tunes below from a few videos I took Friday night at their show at the Ryman, as well as some other favorites. I've loved them since coming upon their first album several years ago. Their sound is hard to describe... almost ethereal, really. Four-part all-male harmonies backed by serious jams. Makes me want to grow a beard and hang out in the mountains. (It's no surprise they hail from Portland.) These boys make truly beautiful music together, folks. And their live show was fantastic. There were six band members on stage and probably 20 instruments they handed off and switched between, many times in the middle of songs. I'm not talking about different guitars... I saw two flutes, a stand-up base, fiddle, mandolin, three pianos/keys, maracas, and so many others. My friends and I left in awe and completely impressed. And we weren't the only ones... the Ryman crowd was out of control, hooting and hollering and going on much longer and more loudly than the usual post-show-and-in-between-song cheering. The boys were obviously overwhelmed by the reception, as lead singer Robin Pecknold kept stopping to say "Wow, I just... wow," thanking the crowd for the best night of their tour yet. And a few band members brought out their cameras to take a picture from the stage. It was truly... awesome. Check 'em out. I recommend both albums for laid-back Summer-and-Fall Porch Music.

You're welcome.


Morgan Sport said...

I think I could watch that movie 100 times and still cry from laughing. It was SO FUNNY. I think I may start wearing a blazer with everything--even my work out clothes.

Lauren said...

Exactly! High heels and blazers for work, sleep, and play. I bet your blazer collection kicks mine's ass. I have like 2.

erin said...

hey you have a blog! i'm a stalker!

Raleigh said...

2. Going tonight!
3. Several people have recommended Fleet Foxes to me, so I think I will finally pick it up.