Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This must be the place

Saturday, July 23rd. Liz and Reba's last weekend in the apartment. 

Over the weekend, I went to Birmingham for a dear friend's wedding, but also to say goodbye to a place that I called home for many years. The apartment on Cahaba Road held witness to only about 2.5 years of my life while I lived in Birmingham, but since Liz and Rebecca have continued to live there since my move to Nashville, I've now spent nearly 5 years sleeping on its couches and stealing snacks from its kitchen. Its kitchen table and front steps have been the place of many a monumental conversation (and many not-so-monumental). It was my home when I decided to change my career, go back to school, and later move away from my friends and comfort zone to another state. It was the only house I've ever shared with two best friends who have been a huge part of my life, as close as family, for more decades. And it was a house that always welcomed me back home to Birmingham with open arms. So now that Liz getting married next weekend, times are a-changing, and new folks will be moving into Apartment A. 

I hope it's as good to you as it was to us, new folks. Also - hope you enjoy all the bobbypins.

Brings a tune to mind....

Home is where I want to be, but I guess I'm already there.

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