Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Nashville!

This week marks two years since my move from Birmingham to Nashville. Those were bittersweet days, when I left my comfortable home where I was surrounded by all of my best friends to embark on a new and exciting adventure to a city I'd fallen in love with. And I can't pretend like life has been perfect since making the move... it's been hard. Making and keeping new friends at my age is a whole different ballgame from the other times, in college and right after, when I was younger and more spritely. The job market, frankly, sucks. And I've met people who don't get me, don't appreciate me, and who have hurt me. I've experienced loneliness and disappointment.

But - I've also been inspired, excited, and plain out blissful. I've worked harder, juggled two jobs, and realized the true satisfaction that comes from doing what it takes to finance the lifestyle you want. I've met some truly wonderful people and have strengthened relationships with friends in town I already knew, but also the friends I left behind. I finally found a church that not only works for me, but that has changed my relationship (in a positive way) with God. I've fallen even more deeply in love with music. How could I not? This is the kind of city music lovers flock to for good reason. And most importantly, I've learned to be thankful. Thankful for good and bad experiences, thankful for family and true friends. And thankful for the ability to know the difference.

Cheers, Nashvegas! It sure has been interesting.


splummer said...

Miss you and nashvegas! Call me next time you come to bham!

splummer said...
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