Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Swedish Sisters, A Parks Dept., Zombies, and Ghosts of Frat Dudes

Four things have kept me entertained lately that I highly suggest you check out if you aren't familiar:

First Aid Kit
I hadn't heard of this band until I saw them open for Bright Eyes in Birmingham, and I swear they spoke straight to my soul that night with their finely tuned harmonies and talk of lions. Sisters Johanna and Klara have one album out, The Big Black and Blue, and will release The Lion's Roar in January 2012. I liken them to a female version of the Fleet Foxes, but with a bit more thoughtful subject matter. (Fitting, seeing as their cover of "Tiger Mountain Pleasant Song" is what got them on the musical grid in the first place.) Here are a few samples:

I'll admit I'm still processing the actual content here... is she saying there's no Heaven at all? Or just focusing on living now? But it's pretty regardless, yes?

Parks and Recreation
I have no idea why I hesitated watching this show, which is now in its 4th season. It's hilarious and the characters are nothing short of endearing. I want them to be my best friends and bosses.
I want to work there. 

Treat Yo'Self! My new face of delight. 
Ron Swanson - My hero

The Walking Dead
Per my usual, I was a little late signing on for this one. I've never been a huge zombie fan... I don't really like violence and gore, but I do like a good story and though I don't understand the intricacies of how any of it works, I try my best to gauge good vs. bad cinematography. And with that being said, this show has a lot of heart. And a lot of blood and gore. But mostly - it's visually impressive, and I've been impressed with the actual plot. Plus, it's set in and around Atlanta, and the scenes of abandoned streets and buildings I easily recognize is nothing short of impressive and eery. Don't overlook it just because zombie's aren't your thing.

The Worthy by Will Clarke

I'm in the middle of this right now, and I can barely put it down. Set in Baton Rouge at LSU's (fictional) Gamma Chi frat house, The Worthy is narrated by Conrad Avery Sutton III, a formerly wealthy (read: pretentious frat dude) who tells us right off that he's dead and murdered by his psychotic pledge trainer Ryan Hutchins. Ryan's the worst. He is abusive to friends and his girlfriend (who he also cheats on regularly), and is just bleeding douchebaggery. So Conrad finds himself stuck in spirit-form on Earth, and more specifically gravitating around the frat house where he met his demise, and is currently searching for a way to be a more effective ghost (he hasn't mastered the art of haunting or possessing, but is diligent in his quest). The one person who can see/hear/talk to him is Etta, the house's cook, and she hints that he has a mission on Earth before he can move on. I've been highly entertained by all of the frat boy chatter (a bit overdone at times, but it brings me back and makes me a bit nostalgic for some of my time spent around the Greek circuit in college), and I've come to care about Conrad and want him to find his mission and get out of his misery of ghostdom. All in all, it's mostly entertaining, and I'm a bit disappointed it isn't more creepy.. but I definitely recommend it, especially if you went to an SEC school and can relate to episodes of talegating, frat parties, and have known a few douchebag frat dudes in your past*.

*Not saying all frat boys are such, just that if a dude is already an idiot and then he joins a fraternity and finds a clan of other idiots, it accelerates the level of douche infinitely.



Raleigh said...

Parks and rec is hilarious and although I enjoy zombie stuff, I also watch Walking Dead for the plot (kinda feels like when people say they read Playboy for the articles doesn't it...)

Lauren said...

Hahahahaha I just literally laughed out loud. It absolutely does!