Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Announcing a New Addition to the (Nashville) Family

No, no, I won't be filling your newsfeed with pictures of an expanding baby bump, but I do have an addition to my Nashville family in the form of a new roommate! Below is SB making her Nashville karaoke debut. I'm beyond excited to have her here and can't wait to chronicle our adventures!

I am, however, thinking I need a pet. And lately I've spent some time with the following animals, who are heavily shaping this choice. First, Moose:
This is my friend Jessa and her rescued smush-face Moose (renamed after she got him because, well, Stiffler just is no name for a cat this fancy). And let me tell ya - I don't like cats. Mainly because we never had them growing up, and I don't know how to interact with them. They don't like being petted like dogs, aren't interested in playing all that much... no fetch? I know. They don't like me either. But this cat? This cat I LOVE. I spent the majority of a weekend with Jessa (who I see roughly once a year) laughing at this cat and attempting to win his affections. So on the days that I remember I don't have a whole lot of time for taking care of a dog, I convince myself I'll get a cat... but only a smush-face like Moose. Just LOOK at that face. Reminds me of Winston, my original famous smush-face. 

This is Jackson:

Jackson belongs to my friends Heather and Bobby, who also happen to be my sister's roommates. Jackson is awesome. Just seriously the best dog ever. He's a lab/Jack Russel mix (yeah, weird, I know), and he fetches, plays, sits, AND cuddles. Like, if I'm on the couch, he'll sit next to me and lay his head right on my chest and snooze. I want to steal him, but he loves his mom and dad too much. Bobby assures me that in his puppyhood, he had some faults... namely eating couch cushions and basically tearing apart the apartment when left alone... but now at 4 or so, he's perfect. 

So basically - I'm doomed since I've been spoiled rotten by perfect pets around me. I'm thinking I'll adopt a pup that is about a year old or so and skip the puppy phase. I love something so ugly it's cute... like a Frenchie or Boston Terrier. Anyone have any other suggestions or advice about getting a new dog? Any horror stories?

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