Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bucket Lists

In the past few years, I've knocked some things off of my concert bucket lists that I didn't even realize were possible (since the bands weren't active):
  1. Fleetwood Mac
  2. Bush
A while ago, GNR announced a US tour, with Nashville on it. And luckily, I had the smart sense to ask my sister (who has the hookup) to snag me a pair of free tickets. You see - I didn't think it'd be worth paying for. Axl has been making a crazy name for himself lately... no Slash. And who really wants to hear Chinese Democracy? But boyyyy was I wrong. I would have paid much more than the minimum price for that show. Axl was in top form, playing all the fan favorites, including a few personal favorites like "Patience," "Estranged," and "Civil War." In the three-hour (yes, that's THREE HOURS OF GNR), they rattled off a few from the "new" album, played some Who and Pink Floyd covers, changed outfits at least 6 times (Axl changing only his headpiece - from Kid-Rock-like cowboy hat to signature bandana to sparkly something and jacket over tshirt and jeans), and just rocked out like it was 1987.

Picture from the show via tumblr. This should answer any "did he have cornrows?" questions. 

No lies (see what I did there?) -- experiencing "November Rain" live is up there with getting to see Elton play "Tiny Dancer" a few year's back. The show ended with this explosive version of "Paradise City" complete with Mardi Gras-like confetti canons, purple lights, and fireworks. Regardless, the show was not without its quirks (detailed well here by Spin), and I didn't get home until 2:30 on a Sunday night/Monday morning... but it was well worth it.

Here are a few videos, not taken by me, from the show:


Civil War

Sweet Child O' Mine

Don't Cry
Sadly he cut short the drawn-out wailing end that I've perfected for karaoke purposes.

November Rain
I love the moment when the crowd realizes what's about to happen...

Paradise City
I'm pretty sure this was taken by the folks sitting next to us. Check out that grand finale.

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