Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dead Man's Bones

Watch this.


There are so many things going on here I'd like to point out.

  1. Badass drums/piano rise and fall with creepy lyrics reminding me of something that would be playing in the background of an Edgar Allan Poe story.
  2. A choir (all songs with a choir get bonus points)
  3. A choir consisting of adorable children in Halloween costumes
  4. The ending with the boy hitting the cymbal with his pirate's sword?
  5. That voice. Love that voice. Oh, and that voice belongs to Ryan Gosling, who I'll admit I do enjoy as an actor and person in general. I won't state the obvious and say that he's nice to look at, too. Oh wait, I just did. 
Am I the only person who didn't know until today that he has a legitimate band? Check out the Dead Man's Bone's  YouTube page here for more. 

I also love this one. 

Edit: After further investigation, I am totally buying their 2009 album. 

Apparently the project was formed from a mutual obsession with monster music, ghost stories, and Disney's Haunted Mansion ride. According to Amazon, "Also incorporated into the project was foley such as tin foil for rain, creaking doors, paper ripping for thunder, foot steps, screaming, crying, waves, werewolf howling, boat noises, crickets, etc....Dead Man’s Bones finished their record with the L.A.’s Silverlake Conservatory Childrens Choir..."

Seriously. This was meant to be.

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