Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Word Nerd

You can assume from my background in writing, that I like words. I also like grammar. I'm a bit of a snob, really, when it comes to these things. I'm a wordophile. A grammarian. I have both a fascination with these things (an entire shelf of my bookshelf is designated for all things writing-related and filled with titles like Alphabet Jucie and Woe Is I), and a bit of a problem with elitism in this respect. I try my hardest, but I WILL judge you and your poor grammar. (There are exceptions to this. If someone asks "How are you?" and you respond with the incorrect "I'm good..." as opposed to being "well," this is ok and commonly accepted.)

You're probably wondering where I'm going with this.

The title of my blog comes from a comment made to me by a boss of mine (aka "The Silver Ponytail") quite a few years ago. If you know me, you know I'm a talker. Chatty. Verbose. Yeah, yeah. And one day, after chatting with my (then new) bossman, he told me "You know, people would take you a lot more seriously if you weren't so superfluous and overdivulgent with your stories."


I wasn't aware I hadn't been taken seriously up until then, but I assure you it has stuck with me all this time. (Also - he completely made up the word overdivulgent.) Anyway, a friend of mine sent me this article, and I had to share it.

The differences between the words extraneous and superfluous

Extraneous: stems from the Latin term extraneus (related to strange), means “irrelevant” or “nonessential, or “coming from or existing outside.”

Superfluous(from Latin, and literally meaning “overflowing” — the second part of the compound is related to fluid) means “extra, more than is necessary.”

Again, what was my point? Now I have ANOTHER word to describe myself, and my blog, with. 

Yours truly,
Extraneous, Superfluous, and Overdivulgent

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