About Me

My name is Lauren, and this is me, looking awkward on the beach.

Which is fitting, seeing as I'm one of the most awkward souls on this planet. But aside from that, and that I'm a 29-year-old single female happy to be hanging my hat in Nashville, Tennessee... here are a few things about me, if you're interested, which I assume you are since you clicked the "About Me" tab.
  1. I'm a big big nerd. And a geek. AND a dork. And yes, I know the differences in the three.
  2. I'm a Christian, and I'm a member and regular attendee of a nondenominational community church. And I'm not a blind faith believer. I've questioned. I've doubted. I still doubt. But in the end, I've got faith.
  3. Music has my whole heart and whole soul. The whole thing. I can't play a lick, and Lord knows I can't sing, but I'm a professional appreciator. I'd rather lose a limb than lose my hearing. While there are tons of artists I'd love to name, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention how much Ryan Adams's music has changed my life.
  4. Referring back to #1, I'm a librarian. Like, I have the degree and everything. Signed, sealed, delivered. I graduated from Library School in 2008 with a specialty in Children's/YA materials. I love to read, and I read everything. No genre left behind.
  5. I've worked previously as a magazine writer (journalism undergrad) and in bookstores and in libraries. Then I was an Information Specialist for a local children's mental health advocacy nonprofit agency. (Try saying that quickly.) And now, I'm working as a marketing assistant/technical writer for a church... as in, for the Global Headquarters for a major denomination based here in Nashville. I miss the books, but I'm proud to do important work where I am and make my little mark here in the lives of others.
  6. I tend to collect people. I love people. I'm so blessed to have friends all over this country who I'm in touch with on the reg. I have best friends who I love like sisters, and a younger sister who is my favorite person on the planet (most days).
  7. I'm a religious and cultural mutt with an unpronouncable last name. Mom was Baptist straight from the peanut fields of Alabama, and Dad was Catholic from New Orleans.
  8. I like to argue debate. I enjoy pushing buttons. Especially if the subject is NOT about politics or anything serious. I am rarely serious, unless I'm being dramatic. But I save the drama for my private life and private people, and not you, the Internets. You're welcome.
  9. From my past work in the mental health field and personal direct dealings with mental illness, I'm a huge supporter of therapy and attention to mental health as part of whole health. It's not something I'm afraid to talk about, because it's important. And with that being said... some days I'm completely off my rocker.
  10. I'm obsessed with diet and exercise. I also tend to lie.